Sunday, June 14, 2009

Street children still in great demand in political processions

While flipping through the pages of today's issue of The Daily Star, although I felt no concern for the original news item, the little boy in front of the procession in the above picture caught my eyes.

It's commonplace in Bangladesh to hire unemployed people to participate in political procession so that politicians can show off their fake strength to the commoners. But can't the children be spared? We all know that these street children do this only for money, say 100 Tk. at best. Can't the politicians think a bit different from as they do now and extend their hands to ameliorate the frustrating condition of the street / slum children?


Irtiza104 said...

Street children are very unfortunate ones in our country. yet we seem to use them for our own selfish needs. shame on them who take advantage of them.

i have published a post on street children which might help one to be a little more grateful for what they have. there are some sad thought provoking pictures on that post. you are welcome to visit.

fahim said...

thank you, sir for the nice post