Monday, January 26, 2009

DU Teachers' Negligence to Their Students

I have just gone through today's editorial of The Daily Star entitled "Greeting Spree in DU", much to my chagrin.

DU teachers have a glorious legacy of guiding the nation in time of crisis. But it is sheer outrageous and disconcerting that a good number of teachers of DU indulge in negligence of their duties being oblivious to their foremost duty. When I was a student of DU, in time of unscheduled closure due to political clashes, I used to wonder why our beloved and respected teachers could not condescend to take necessary steps to break the stalemate so that their students could suffer a little less session jam! Nevertheless, when a political figure like Tarique Zia was imprisoned on charge of corruption, they did not hesitate to make a statement demanding his unconditional release.

Respected DU teachers should keep in mind that it is their acts and devotion to their students, not their academic position or political affiliation, that matters most to the students as well as the conscious people of the country.

[ A slightly moderated version of this post was later published as a letter in The Daily Star on February 01, 2009 ]