Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advices never going to be heeded

While I was on my way to office today, I noticed a banner in front of press club. On the banner a man named Mohammad Abdul Ali sought notice of incumbents and said, "I want to share my well-thought-out ways to lessen the severity of traffic jam of Dhaka city by 60%. I also want to share my thoughts as to how Bangladesh can make advancement in agricultural sector." His name and mobile number were written at the bottom.

Eccentricity is not always insanity. But in our country we tend to deem these two words synonymous. There are still some people who profoundly think for the betterment of the country disregarding whom to take their thoughts to be considered and if accepted, implemented. We even do not have such kind of opportunity that facilitates people's participation in terms of thoughts or plans regarding affairs of greater national interest.

An idea can change your life. In a similar vein, an idea can also change the fate of a nation! The sooner our leaders realize this fact, the better our chance to stand as a developed nation.


Rezwan said...

The best way for one individual to make his/her voices heard is through internet. Many people do not know its potential and the ways to do it.

One can easily set up a blog and start giving their opinions. The issue of trial of war criminal was much discussed in the Bangla and English blogs of Bangladeshis in the past two years. Now it the movement got some momentum as the government has taken steps.

In developed countries lawmakers (MPs/Senators/Representatives) usually have interactive sites/blogs where people can interact and shout out their ideas. We hope that someday our lawmakers will follow suit.

Atique said...

What a powerful writing! Bravo! Boss! Go on.. I've bookmarked your address.