Monday, November 3, 2008

Lost in Legacy Code

The company I work for has a number of complete projects and my current assignment is to improve the run time of one of them by optimizing certain routines. I've been going through that legacy code for the last one week. It has no documentation. No UML diagrams. Nothing except the code itself. So I am forced to go through the enormous amount of code day after day. On the first place, I am trying to learn the basic modules. But it's so monotonous and tedious that I feel lethargic after a few hours. Although I'm not kind of irascible person, this time around I find myself seething after working few hours, execrating the programmers who didn't feel an iota of compunction for leaving the successors with no comment/documentation!

However, I will try my best. I'm not going to give up :)

It's quite a long time since I wrote here. It's not that I did it intentionally. There are two reasons. First, I didn't find topic to write about. In fact, the kind of urge I feel for writing was not in me at all. Secondly, I didn't have ample time to relish in writing. Nonetheless, now I feel I should continue my worthless writing ;) I can't be oblivious to the thrill I enjoyed writing about miscellaneous topics.