Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I'm happy with all my sorrows"

In this age of sophisticated motorized vehicles and in a country where everyone seems to be completely callous to the casualties caused by road accidents, the news of a road accident and 10 persons' spot death may seem trivial and the failure to ensure safety while traveling may even seem venial on the part of the government.

Nevertheless, some road accidents make us shudder by the sordid way they occur. The recent road accident caused by head-on collision between a bus and an acid-laden truck on November 6, is one of them. It could pinch my nakedly thick sensitivity and made me pensive, yet for a brief time. Sometimes I wonder why we are so insensible. May be it's because we are not close to the persons who die in the accidents and to their families. But when we come to learn the stories of those families, we can't but feel deeply sad.

Mohammad Al Faysal, 25, final year student of Civil Engineering at BUET, is an introvert with an always-smiling face. His father has been suffering from parkinson disease for the last 5 years. Since his father's ailment, he has been playing a pivotal role in running his family with the help of the money he earns by tuition. His final exam is knocking at the door scheduled on November 24 and he's dreaming of a better life after his graduation.

Faysal's struggling life has been put to an end
on November 15 after fighting death for a week and the above paragraph is now in need of a change of tense.

A family whose dreams have been woven around a young man is now left devastated.

Faisal will never login to his facebook account. Yet he will remain in his friends' friend list and they will always be reminded of him whenever they go through their friend list. His bereaved friends are now writing on his facebook wall but he will never read. His friends will always see on his facebook profile the terse description of Faisal describing himself, "I'm happy with all my sorrows".

May Faisal's soul rest in eternal peace.