Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm the Gluttonous Guy!

I've never been home in weekend after getting entangled with professional life a few months earlier. Two days ago, I made a hasty decision to go home, leaving the chaos and cacophony of yet much-cared city life of Dhaka. I took an early leave and started for bus counter after 4 pm from my office. I reached the bus counter at about 5:20 pm and to my utter disappointment, no bus was available until 7:10 pm! I passed the next an hour brooding over my propensity to making a decision without much deliberation and subsequent sufferings.

Suddenly, I bolted upright when the duration of journey as told by the man seated over there behind the counter popped up in my mind - almost 7 to 8 hours! But, for a few moments, I was ambivalent as to whether I should gorge myself so that I don't feel hunger for the next 7 or 8 hours. Because relishing food in good amount increases the possibility of the need to go toilets and obviously the bus would not halt as per my wish :( I would not be even able to make such a request! Nonetheless, the thought of hunger lurking ahead after 3 or 4 hours helped me muster enough courage to squash the qualms.

I entered a restaurant and ordered halim and nan. I savored every mouthful, as if, the anticipation that I'll not be able to have supper on time, added tremendous taste to the mundane food. Then I approached the counter to pay the tab. One halim costs 25 tk and 2 nans cost 20 tk. Total 45 tk. Disgruntled at the outrageous price of nan, I mumbled, "That thin nan costs 10 tk each!" The manager at counter replied with a reassuring voice, "You must have eaten patla nan which costs 6 tk, not the special nan. In fact, you won't be able to eat 2 special nans at a time." When I was about to hand over the tab to the manager, just about 5 seconds after the manager made that remark, the waiter emerged and blasted out, "45 taka, 45 taka". Ohh... I ate 2 special nans! I disproved what he said a few moments earlier. Amused by how quickly his guess about my appetite proved wrong, I continued looking at him. His eyes were fixed on money. Then he turned around to the other people inside his restaurant, trying to evade the fresh embarrassment and thus he deprived himself of an opportunity to see the big grin on my face from ear to ear :-D

I lifted my bag and swaggered out of the restaurant.