Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Idiosyncrasy of chm file

An hour ago I downloaded a chm ebook on C# through utorrent. The default path for storing the downloaded files on Windows is usually
C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My Documents\Downloads\
I opened the downloaded file in order to verify whether the downloaded file is valid. It opened and displayed pages correctly. I copied the file and pasted it in another drive under the folder name "C#". When I attempted to read the copy, the file opened but didn't display the pages properly. All the pages displayed a single page with the header - "The page cannot be displayed" like the message we sometimes encounter while browsing. After a little googling, to my utter surprise, I found out that chm file doesn't work properly if the file name or file path contains the "#" character! For more cases where chm file doesn't work correctly, visit Tamir Khason's page.

I searched more to know the reason behind this idiosyncrasy of chm file but didn't find any helpful information.