Thursday, November 27, 2008

Delicious Halim !

A few days back, I along with two of my colleagues Bikas and Erfan happened to go Hotel Tsunami, located at Zigatola of Dhanmondi. The name of that hotel is obviously bizarre. It was 9 pm. We didn't have light refreshment of the evening and so were exhausted. Nevertheless, I didn't feel intense urge to eat anything other than usual rice at that time - it was time for supper. Halim and nan were ordered. When the ordered items were served, I found the smell of halim intensely appetizing. I savored it and it was so much delicious and as I was savoring the halim, I felt as if I were enjoying ambrosia !!! It was a so much pleasant gustatory experience for my jaded taste. I liked it very much and hope to frequent there ;)