Thursday, November 27, 2008

Delicious Halim !

A few days back, I along with two of my colleagues Bikas and Erfan happened to go Hotel Tsunami, located at Zigatola of Dhanmondi. The name of that hotel is obviously bizarre. It was 9 pm. We didn't have light refreshment of the evening and so were exhausted. Nevertheless, I didn't feel intense urge to eat anything other than usual rice at that time - it was time for supper. Halim and nan were ordered. When the ordered items were served, I found the smell of halim intensely appetizing. I savored it and it was so much delicious and as I was savoring the halim, I felt as if I were enjoying ambrosia !!! It was a so much pleasant gustatory experience for my jaded taste. I liked it very much and hope to frequent there ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Idiosyncrasy of chm file

An hour ago I downloaded a chm ebook on C# through utorrent. The default path for storing the downloaded files on Windows is usually
C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My Documents\Downloads\
I opened the downloaded file in order to verify whether the downloaded file is valid. It opened and displayed pages correctly. I copied the file and pasted it in another drive under the folder name "C#". When I attempted to read the copy, the file opened but didn't display the pages properly. All the pages displayed a single page with the header - "The page cannot be displayed" like the message we sometimes encounter while browsing. After a little googling, to my utter surprise, I found out that chm file doesn't work properly if the file name or file path contains the "#" character! For more cases where chm file doesn't work correctly, visit Tamir Khason's page.

I searched more to know the reason behind this idiosyncrasy of chm file but didn't find any helpful information.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I'm happy with all my sorrows"

In this age of sophisticated motorized vehicles and in a country where everyone seems to be completely callous to the casualties caused by road accidents, the news of a road accident and 10 persons' spot death may seem trivial and the failure to ensure safety while traveling may even seem venial on the part of the government.

Nevertheless, some road accidents make us shudder by the sordid way they occur. The recent road accident caused by head-on collision between a bus and an acid-laden truck on November 6, is one of them. It could pinch my nakedly thick sensitivity and made me pensive, yet for a brief time. Sometimes I wonder why we are so insensible. May be it's because we are not close to the persons who die in the accidents and to their families. But when we come to learn the stories of those families, we can't but feel deeply sad.

Mohammad Al Faysal, 25, final year student of Civil Engineering at BUET, is an introvert with an always-smiling face. His father has been suffering from parkinson disease for the last 5 years. Since his father's ailment, he has been playing a pivotal role in running his family with the help of the money he earns by tuition. His final exam is knocking at the door scheduled on November 24 and he's dreaming of a better life after his graduation.

Faysal's struggling life has been put to an end
on November 15 after fighting death for a week and the above paragraph is now in need of a change of tense.

A family whose dreams have been woven around a young man is now left devastated.

Faisal will never login to his facebook account. Yet he will remain in his friends' friend list and they will always be reminded of him whenever they go through their friend list. His bereaved friends are now writing on his facebook wall but he will never read. His friends will always see on his facebook profile the terse description of Faisal describing himself, "I'm happy with all my sorrows".

May Faisal's soul rest in eternal peace.

Battered and Bruised

On last Friday, having purchased a few books on GRE preparation at Nilkhet, I was crossing the nearby road to avail a rickshaw to go office because of an exigency. There was the usual cacophony of street hawkers' loud cry to the prospective customers, pedestrians' louder voice to make his words intelligible to the intended person they are talking to and the nerve-grating blaring horn of buses and other motorized vehicles. While I was crossing, a rickshaw-puller in the middle of the road caught sight of me. He was arguing with a traffic police. Well... that's a commonplace in Dhaka. But what distinguished him from the other incidents was his vehement expression of grievance. He was about to break into tears. The story was as simple as this : the rickshaw-puller attempted to go in a direction that is made inaccessible for rickshaws. The traffic police beated him on the leg. The rickshaw-puller got infuriated and got into a brawl with him. I stood at a safe place near the brawl to know the reason. Pointing towards the ankle, the hapless rickshaw-puller yelled at the police, "You could just tell me not to go in that direction. Why did you beat me here? Can you see the mark of bruise?" The police remained callous and said impassively, "sod off !" The rickshaw-puller then started pulling his rickshaw by hands grimacing his face in excruciating pain. Right then I felt an impulse to go to the police and say with a sombre voice and a straight face, "Try to behave like a human ! Most of the people around think of you as inhuman creatures. You could go well without beating that rickshaw-puller." Nonetheless, the thought couldn't overshadow the fact that these traffic police lead a miserable life and left me ambivalent. I was hesitant and eventually left the spot.

Battered and bruised the rickshaw-puller was, so I was.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm the Gluttonous Guy!

I've never been home in weekend after getting entangled with professional life a few months earlier. Two days ago, I made a hasty decision to go home, leaving the chaos and cacophony of yet much-cared city life of Dhaka. I took an early leave and started for bus counter after 4 pm from my office. I reached the bus counter at about 5:20 pm and to my utter disappointment, no bus was available until 7:10 pm! I passed the next an hour brooding over my propensity to making a decision without much deliberation and subsequent sufferings.

Suddenly, I bolted upright when the duration of journey as told by the man seated over there behind the counter popped up in my mind - almost 7 to 8 hours! But, for a few moments, I was ambivalent as to whether I should gorge myself so that I don't feel hunger for the next 7 or 8 hours. Because relishing food in good amount increases the possibility of the need to go toilets and obviously the bus would not halt as per my wish :( I would not be even able to make such a request! Nonetheless, the thought of hunger lurking ahead after 3 or 4 hours helped me muster enough courage to squash the qualms.

I entered a restaurant and ordered halim and nan. I savored every mouthful, as if, the anticipation that I'll not be able to have supper on time, added tremendous taste to the mundane food. Then I approached the counter to pay the tab. One halim costs 25 tk and 2 nans cost 20 tk. Total 45 tk. Disgruntled at the outrageous price of nan, I mumbled, "That thin nan costs 10 tk each!" The manager at counter replied with a reassuring voice, "You must have eaten patla nan which costs 6 tk, not the special nan. In fact, you won't be able to eat 2 special nans at a time." When I was about to hand over the tab to the manager, just about 5 seconds after the manager made that remark, the waiter emerged and blasted out, "45 taka, 45 taka". Ohh... I ate 2 special nans! I disproved what he said a few moments earlier. Amused by how quickly his guess about my appetite proved wrong, I continued looking at him. His eyes were fixed on money. Then he turned around to the other people inside his restaurant, trying to evade the fresh embarrassment and thus he deprived himself of an opportunity to see the big grin on my face from ear to ear :-D

I lifted my bag and swaggered out of the restaurant.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lost in Legacy Code

The company I work for has a number of complete projects and my current assignment is to improve the run time of one of them by optimizing certain routines. I've been going through that legacy code for the last one week. It has no documentation. No UML diagrams. Nothing except the code itself. So I am forced to go through the enormous amount of code day after day. On the first place, I am trying to learn the basic modules. But it's so monotonous and tedious that I feel lethargic after a few hours. Although I'm not kind of irascible person, this time around I find myself seething after working few hours, execrating the programmers who didn't feel an iota of compunction for leaving the successors with no comment/documentation!

However, I will try my best. I'm not going to give up :)

It's quite a long time since I wrote here. It's not that I did it intentionally. There are two reasons. First, I didn't find topic to write about. In fact, the kind of urge I feel for writing was not in me at all. Secondly, I didn't have ample time to relish in writing. Nonetheless, now I feel I should continue my worthless writing ;) I can't be oblivious to the thrill I enjoyed writing about miscellaneous topics.