Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cover girl of TRENDZ, a lifestyle weekly of New Age

Of late I happened to go through the lifestyle weekly of New Age, a leading English daily of Bangladesh. The cover of that weekly was embellished with a big picture of a beautiful young girl wearing a slightly skimpy top and skin-tight jeans and was accompanied by the text title 'GAME TIME'. Completely baffled with the contradiction of text title and the highlighted picture, I decided to delve into the cover story. To my utter disbelief, I found little relevance of that cover girl with the contents of cover story - description of different gaming zones across the Dhaka city. There were more pictures of her inside the cover story - sitting on a sofa (probably in the waiting room of a gaming zone), standing beside the bunch of teenagers playing games and herself playing a game. It would have been justified even to some extent if that cover girl was a teenager representing the generation crazy for computer games. Then what purpose did that cover girl serve to the subject matter of that cover story? Moreover, to my sheer dismay, the editor of that weekly was a woman!

While we're struggling for establishing women's rights and due dignity in our society, this propensity for unnecessarily exploiting physical beauty of women in everywhere is downright despicable!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dhaka University steps into 88

It's surely something to be proud of, isn't it? Yes, it is, but only when we take into account its age and past glory in leading the nation through many revolutions. Of course, DU has been producing scholars every year. But is that up to the nation's expectation? Are DU teachers sincere enough to teach their beloved students? Are the students attentive enough to their study? Aren't their concentration and devotion being distracted every now and then by political violence? Has any effective action on the part of concerned authority been taken yet to preclude rampant demonstration of political muscle power on the campus leading to couple of months' long unscheduled unbearable closure? Is there sufficient lab and research facility in all departments? The problems stated in these questions must be addressed as early as possible. Otherwise, the glory this very institution has achieved thus far will continue to diminish further and be overshadowed by its failure to uphold the quality of education.

We expect DU will gain the capability to bear the torch of knowledge and to guide this directionless nation towards prosperity.

[ An abridged version of this post was published as a quick comment in The New Age ]