Friday, June 27, 2008

Simply Outrageous!

The decision taken recently by CTG to prefer expatriates' wards in college admission is simply outrageous! This is a glaring violation of equality among citizens.

Expatriates are the source of remittances, our second highest foreign currency earner and thus they have been playing a laudable role in our economy. We're indebted to them. Notwithstanding, they have long been neglected when it comes to taking effective and immediate actions to resolve cases of exploitation and repression inflicted on them abroad. The recent move seems to serve as a compensation for that negligence. Yet that's a wrong way to do so!

Almost all the citizens of Bangladesh LIVING here are contributing to the country to a degree limited by their capability. Think about the rickshaw pullers, farmers, honest businessmen and service holders who are working hard for a better life and in the process, constantly contributing to the country more or less. Are they the dregs of society?

Aren't the youngsters of today going to feel that their fate is being controlled by where their parents stay for earning money? Isn't it a violation of human rights and basic principle of a democratic society? Special privileges must be well justified against ethics.

[ published as a letter in the The STAR, a weekly magazine of The Daily Star on August 08, 2008 ]