Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our National Flag on Our Blogs

Patriotism is not something we need to flaunt. It lies inside us. With that said, we do love to see signs of our country in a positive way in international arena, be it the success of a Bangladeshi living abroad or the presence of our national flag in web pages.

Yes! As a proud citizen of though poor country Bangladesh, I have put the picture of our national flag on my blog. It's a google gadget and it was pretty simple adding it to my blog as a page element. Interested people are requested to visit that google gadget for national flag.

Hope bloggers of Bangladesh will add the national flag to their blogs.


Anonymous said...

I would definately post our flag on my blog, but I'm a liberal Bangladeshi. And our current flag has the colors of the Pakistan's PP. But keep up the patriotism, BANGLADESH ZINDABAD!

Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...

I'm really astonished at the implication of your comment that the flag of Bangladesh was dominated by that of Pakistan! How many years have you been away from Bangladesh?

If you don't know I would like to say that Bangladesh is a country mainly based on villages and these villages are full of greeneries. Wherever you look at, you can find the color green (though this situation has deteriorated over time). That's why the color - GREEN. And you may already know that Bangladesh achieved her independence through a nine-month long struggle marked by profound blood-shed. That's why the color - RED in the middle of GREEN.

Hope this helps you realize the meaning of our flag :)