Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wrong... everything I do!

Sometime everything we do goes wrong!

Although my final year exam is knocking at the door, being encouraged by observing the interest of some of my classmates in dropping CVs to a particular software firm after they got prompted by a senior brother who is now doing job there, I too got interested as usual and dropped mine! This incident happened quite a few weeks ago.

Yesterday evening I got a phone call from that firm and a man informed me that they had arranged interview for me and asked if I would come at 4 pm. I took time and replied that I would tell him later that night. After consulting with that senior brother, I could gather confidence at last and confirmed my consent to face the interview board.

Now here come the points of painful experiences:

1) I thought I would wake up early in the morning, if possible at around 7 am to go through some books as part of my preparation. But the moment I opened my eyes after having a sorely sound sleep, it was already 11 am!

2) I tried to make myself look less ugly. So I shaved my beard. Oh! Bloody blade!

3) I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out what I should take with me to the interview board. I called my senior brother and he referred to a printed copy of CV as a must. Ok. No problem. I copied my CV to my pen-drive to get a printed copy in a nearby cyber cafe. But the moment I went there, electricity was out!

4) The moment I got down from bus and started walking, rain happily poured on me. Rain could not resist itself from consoling my pain!

5) Should I narrate the apparently sweet yet horrible experience in my interview session?


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