Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watching TV after a long time!

Yesterday when I was returning from Humayun's house, I forgot to take my varsity bag. I always keep my umbrella in the bag so that I can keep myself protected from rain and scorching heat alike. Now is summer and the rainy season is very close. So it would be imprudent to be away from my umbrella and that's why I went there again today to take my bag.

Humayun and Obayed are cousins and they live at adjacent flats (actually turned into mess for students). After taking my bag, I went to Obayed's flat. He has bought a TV. I love watching TV though I don't have one here in Dhaka. So I passed about 2 hours there, switching channel frequently and watching different programs. I haven't watched TV for so long for the last 3 months, I guess.

Obayed and one of his flat-mates were watching - Waqt, a Hindi movie portraying a father trying to introduce his son with the harsh reality of this world. The story was as a whole moving. Yet I was surprised to see both mothers of hero and heroine so young!!! They looked at most 40 and the hero and heroine were shown 27 years old.... :( How can it be possible? The reality should have been reflected in this kind of social movie.

Banglalink's recent ad about a little girl writing her departed mother a letter complaining about the people who look after her was tremendously touching. The letter was like this:

Ma, you know I can't take my breakfast without you. Then why do they coerce me into doing so? You know I can't sleep without watching cartoon. Then why don't they let me watch it? What's wrong with me being naughty? Isn't a little bit naughtiness alright? Ma, everybody says people become stars of the sky after death. What do you do over there being a star? Can't you see me? Then why don't you do anything?

The little girl buys two balloons and attaches her letter to and finally flies them away.

Telecom companies have now adopted a policy of exploiting people's feelings towards their near and dear ones. This recent ad was a beautiful addition. As for the little girl of the ad, she looks like next-door one, not that much cute and innocent. I don't know whether the ad maker was deliberately defiant about conventional practice when most of the ads shows too cute, too innocent little girls when needed or the reason was the mother of that little girl, not-so-famous singer Munni.

Switching to ETV, there was a program about our Bangla cinema, I guess. A song from the film Akash Choa Bhalobasa was going on. I was startled to see the get-up of the host! He looked just like a clown, clearly showing an imitation of Hindi MTV hosts. Bangladeshis' tenacious tendency to imitate everything of indian programs is downright disgusting!

I also watched some Bangla dramas on different Bangla channels. It seemed to me that the stories were deliberately made slow, having not enough pace to make me entertained.

There was another program on ETV about current much talked about issues of home and abroad. The theme and make-up of the program was different and I liked it to some extent. The host was like a clown, talking in a way that made its viewers laugh. He interviewed two persons who pretended to be Parvez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan.

I must have a list of good programs the next time I watch TV; otherwise it would be a complete loss of time...