Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shawkat sir

Today I got a phone call from Anis, younger brother of my friend Humayun at about 4 PM. He informed me that he happened to meet our school teacher Shawkat sir at Shahbag today noon and invited him to their house at about 7 PM. It has been so long since I met any of my school teachers. I confirmed Anis that I would come.

The moment I saw Shawkat sir, I was reminded of his impressive personality. He was one of the good teachers I have ever seen in my life because of his wholehearted effort in the class to help his students to assimilate the lesson.

He is now ill. I could see the inevitable effect of aging on his face. But it could not be felt during the adda we had. We, 6 of his ex-students were present. We had an about 2 hour lasting lively conversation that ranged topics from financial crisis of middle-income people to socio-political scenario of the country to the bureaucratic procrastination and corruption in the education sector of the country. He looked exhausted from the very beginning but his enthusiasm and vigour in talking about these different issues belied it!

Some teachers are unforgettable. Shawkat sir surely stands out among others and that's why we, his students, love him so much. He represents that community who are the silent shapers of the country. May Allah bless him.