Friday, May 30, 2008

Rickshaw free Dhaka?

Regular readers of The Daily Star may have already known that its TO THE EDITOR page provides its valued readers with a nice and effective platform to express their views on different aspects of current affairs of home and abroad. For the last two months, this page is flaming with the debate on whether Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh should be made rickshaw free or not.

I was sceptical that the Editor of The Daily Star was biased towards the opinion that Dhaka should be made rickshaw free because of its propensity to highlighting the letters promoting rickshaw free capital more than those of opposing it. Finally, the Editor published an editorial making clear its stance on this issue.

Today DS's stance got a sore slap from Nasreen Khundker, a professor at Department of Economics in University of Dhaka that delighted me much. Interested readers are requested to go through this thought-provoking letter.

What do think regarding this issue?


Anonymous said...

So, rickshaw free dhaka? Who is gonna pay for the foods and shelters for the poor rickshaw drivers?

Rickshaws are actually "better" because they are more environment friendly. The price of oil is rising so much and in this circumstance rickshaw will obviously be a nice alternative.

Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...

Anti-rickshaw people argue that these poor rickshaw drivers will be provided with alternative employment opportunities in sectors like garments.

Pro-rickshaw people have already mentioned the 2 advantages of rickshaw over motorised vehicles you have just mentioned.

Google with - "The Daily Star" & "Sikander Ahmed" and you'll find a good number of letters (probably more than 10) written by a passionate rickshaw lover old man Sikander Ahmed where he outlined why and how rickshaws should coexist with motorized vehicles in Dhaka. This old guy of near 70 has gotten scathing criticism from a few other people but he gave awful replies to those letters!