Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prospect of Getting a Job!

Today, while doing group study with Azam at his residence, I got a phone call from the company I was interviewed by in the first week of this month. The person who talked to me informed me that I along with my classmate Riyad had been selected primarily and asked me when my exam would be over and I’ll be available. I replied that my exam would be over on June 19 but I would have it quite difficult to join due to my year final project that was scheduled to be submitted within mid-July and I would have to do much work on that because I had done little as yet. He asked me to come to office the day after the exam and to negotiate on this issue. I assured him of that and thanked him.

Ineffable joy flows through mind when something like that happens. First job on the very first interview. But I couldn’t let myself indulging in complacency because of its existing uncertainty. It has not been finalised as yet and that’s why I can’t be sure of it. A different kind of situation to experience for me!

Whether I’m eligible for a job with handsome salary or not is a subject to debate. But what is indubitable and I believe is that I’ve wasted my potentiality in my varsity life. I’ve led a life full of foolish acts, never thinking of what they meant to the whole life. So I should be satisfied with what kind of job I get. Thinking of job satisfaction is a luxury for me.

It’s never late to be on right track of life.