Thursday, May 1, 2008

International Workers' Day and our RMG workers

Just before the International Workers' Day, RMG workers, as was reported in DS, once again blocked roads in Dhaka and Chittagong to press for payment of salary arrears. What an irony!

RMG workers of our country have grown over the years a propensity to block roads or highways whenever it comes to the issue of 'forcing' their employers to pay their salary arrears or to raise their wages. It seems that they have no other option at hand. So they do it disregarding the sufferings of commuters and causing loss of valuable working hours of other people. I don't understand why the owners of garment factories aren't brought to book for their unjust delay in paying the meagre salaries to their workers.

I think this prevailing practice in the RMG sector must be stopped without any further delay by taking effective steps for the benefit of the economy of our country as well as the poor workers.

[ This post was published as a letter under the title "RMG workers" in The Daily Star on May 11, 2008 ]