Saturday, April 19, 2008

Powerless Police!

The above picture, thanks to Star Weekend Magazine, shows a pitiable police who was being beaten by a man and whose gun and helmet were snatched away from him by other twos during the clash occurred at the premise of Baitul Muqarram Mosque between police and activists of Anti-Quran Law Resistance Committee formed to foil National Women Development Policy.

No doubt substantive police reform is the dire need of the hour. No more bliss from bribe. It's time to give them rewarding salary which will effectively purge their proclivity to pecuniary gain.

Nonetheless, how about recruiting the belligerent bigots in the police force taking into consideration the great gusto with which they handled the hapless riot police?

Hope for a skilled and polite-to-people police force may be dim, yet we look forward to that.