Friday, April 11, 2008

Perils of Private Hospitals

A few years ago, Bangladesh experienced an upsurge of private universities. Now the trend is towards private hospitals whose fancy ads are quite regular in different dailies. They share two similarities - one is expected, the other unexpected. The expected similarity is that both are expensive. The unexpected one is the fact that most of the private universities and now allegedly some of the private hospitals have failed to maintain the required standard.

To make matters worse, what if they find one of those doctors having a fake degree?
Although private hospitals are supposed to provide better service, though in exchange of a 'better' amount of money, appalling allegations against them have been made by many patients and their relatives. That affluent section of the society is their prime target comes as no surprise. But think a while for those who belong to the middle class, can't afford the high expense of treatment, yet manage the required money by selling their valuable property or borrowing and finally get their beloved one admitted in those expensive hospitals, with the hope of better treatment. Their effort is awarded only when doctors take proper care of the patient and even if their dear one dies, they get the appropriate consolation of trying their best. But what if the patient dies due to negligence of the doctors and the patient's family becomes penniless in the process? To make matters worse, what if they find one of those doctors having a fake degree?

It's not a simple matter involving a single life because a death may severely affect a family in various ways. So the issue must be addressed immediately. We expect a quick initiative by the CTG to stop playing with human lives!

Here are some links to illustrate the grave situation:

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[ This post was published, without the links, as a letter in The Daily Star on February 13, 2008. ]