Monday, April 14, 2008

Pahela Baishakh 1415

Today's Pahela Baishakh. Shubho Nababarsha!

One of the key centres of celebration for this occasion is Dhaka University Campus. I went out at around 9 AM and joined the carnival at DU campus. It seemed to me that this year the throng diminished than past celebrations. I could easily manage to make my way through watching the festive faces of the crowd.

However, I had a hard time in finding out my other friends. I was having difficulty in contacting them due to congested mobile phone network. Luckily at last I could finally contact and met at the premise of Institute of Fine Arts. We rode 'nagordola' but didn't enjoy it much. The riders were all adults and hence the manual operators couldn't make it move fast enough to be enjoyable. Anyway, I rode it again after my childhood and I'm happy with that!

After mediocre lunch at Public Library canteen, we went to Suhrawardy Udyan and had a tremendous adda.

Finally, already exhausted due to the enervating weather, I returned home and had a late-day sleep!

Thanks to my friends - Sherita, Shabnam, Mufti, Tariq, lomba Zami, Wali, Elin, Muna, Zereen, Sadia, Banna, Tawhid, Ripon for making my day an enjoyable and memorable one!