Friday, April 11, 2008

Machiavellian Manoeuvrings by Bangladeshi Politicians

Nowadays there is tangible sign of politicians trying to be clamorous again. Conscious people wonder how they dare to be oblivious to the suffocating pre-1/11 situation they themselves created being driven by the greed for power.

Do the politicians regard people of Bangladesh as having fickle minds and now try to capitalize on this? Then they must be warned that people may be so but not so much to forget the grim memories of pre-1/11.

Are they encouraged by the success of DU students' peaceful movement? Then they must be cognizant of the fact - DU students' unfeigned expression of exuberance was palpable when DU was reopened right after imposition of state of emergency after a several months' painfully long unscheduled closure in 2007 due to political turmoil and surprisingly DU students except some sycophants of student fronts didn't show a whit of protest. Things could go otherwise if DU students' had felt it unjust. Politicians should take lesson from this if they ever feel ecstatic expecting to exploit the example of DU success to hinder the tortuous journey of caretaker government further.

There must be an ulterior motive behind the demand of early poll made by political parties - they intend to steer clear of the tribulation of trials! They do know but pretend to forget that EC should be given sufficient time to prepare itself for the cause as good as possible. But they seem to be desperate to escape the trial.

It's unfortunate to hear the invariably vacuous remarks our 'beloved' politicians are doomed to frequently make. Two blatant examples follow. After showing a sign of sagacity by giving consent the party leaders to take part in the election regardless of her being incarcerated, Hasina's hollow remark "If Awami League was in power, we would have kept the price of rice at 16 taka a KG" is utterly unexpected. Secretary general of pro-Khaleda faction make us laugh by stating, "Current difficult situation can be best handled only by an elected government". People have already seen enough of the ugly face of elected governments and they no longer trust them. But they are helpless to get out of this vicious cycle of current political parties.

There's a limit to everything. If politicians regard the common people as inhabitants of fool's paradise and continue exploiting their helplessness, they will inevitably be thrown out of the country. Politicians better stop playing with the people right now!