Friday, April 11, 2008

Hasina's Mockery of Potato Consumption

Despite being incarcerated, Sheikh Hasina has been vocal about different crises Bangladesh is now facing. As for present food crisis, she frequently refers to her tenure's success in food production.

Running a small country with such a large population is indubitably a daunting task. Every government faces myriads of crises, so does the current CTG. Devastation of crops by unprecedented repeated floods compounded by cyclone Sidr has made its task much more difficult. We expect that Sheikh Hasina would consider these facts in earnest and instead of mocking potato consumption she would give CTG her well-thought advices to overcome the food crisis.

It would be really nice for us to observe that it's the people of Bangladesh who matter most to our allegedly corrupt politicians rather than the CTG, even when they are behind bars.

[ This post was published as a letter entitled "Sheikh Hasina's stand" in The Daily Star on April 17, 2008. ]