Friday, April 11, 2008

Birds of same feather flock together

Honestly speaking, the news of ex-MPs' unity to resist govt move regarding allocation of Nam Bhaban flats made me laugh out loud. How funny! As the news had it, our "honourable" ex-MPs have taken a firm stance to protect the "dignity and property" of the parliament. I had nothing to say if the word 'dignity' would been been omitted but when it comes to the question of dignity of parliament, I could not resist myself from saying a few words.

Do our ex-MPs really know what dignity means? When they used to make the parliament ineffective by boycotting or being absent, did they dignify it? When they used to hurl indecent words on each other in the parliament, did they dignify it? How long will they continue to pretend shamelessly before the whole nation? We do know that it's not the dignity but the property of the parliament that engages their interest.

[ This post was published as a letter under the title "Dignity?" in The Daily Star on April 04, 2008. ]