Monday, April 28, 2008

Bangladesh celebrates Pahela Baishakh with Hindi songs!

I wrote a letter (published on April 21, 2008) in The Daily Star regarding James' rendition of Hindi song at a concert on Pahela Baishakh. A rejoinder, vehemently opposing my point of view, from one reader Nazmus Saquib was also published in DS on April 27, 2008. You can take a look of these two letters at my post Hindi Song on Pahela Baishakh.

In this age of Internet, news and views are hard to conceal from other parts of the world. There are lots of forums around the world of Internet which discusses social and cultural events of various countries. I happen to come across this issue put forward by me posted in one such forum - soc.culture.india. Here they have focused this issue with a title like - Bangladesh celebrates Pahela Baisakh with Hindi songs!

As a minute part of Bangali nation, I can't but feel ashamed. Cause of my repentance is two-fold.

i) As a Bangali or Bangladeshi whatever you say, I had to swallow the news of Hindi song performed on Pahela Baishakh.
ii) Because of my letter, this issue is now being publicised in other parts of the world.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sometimes I think the 1952 language movement went in vain. But that's what happens when we are sorrounded by Hindi influence on all three sides. Hindi/Urdu languages are all around us and I even ended up learning it because there's so much content in those languages. Bangladesh is changing, the youth prefer to listen to Hindi and English songs over Bangla because BD musicians were too arrogant and did not want to get away from Tagore and Nazrul Geeti and Baul songs, which in my opinion are a thing of the past.

Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...

I agree partly with you.

As a whole, Bangladeshi youth now listen to mostly Hindi and English songs. But the reason is not what you mentioned. Musicians are producing superb songs, though not at a pace that can keep the youth listening. Moreover, the current youth are not enlightened of our glorious culture and heritage. As a matter of fact, the reason is too complicated and manifold. But the blame must not be on Rabindra, Nazrul sangit or Baul songs. It's true that they are past, but glorious past is always golden and remembered forever :)